Go ask Alice by Anonymous

go ask aliceThis is undoubtedly a confronting book. It is said to be the diary of a teenage girl (Anonymous) and treks her hopes, dreams, and need for the next hit. It is a sad look at a life lost to drugs and how possible opportunities to help her get out of the drug scene slipped by. The main message I got from this book was how naïve the girl was about drugs. She had no idea what they could do to herself or her family. It was sad to see an innocent girl excited to be writing in her diary become so dependent on drugs and get caught up in a crowd that didn’t care about her. It is amazing to see how powerful the diary and writing is for Anonymous, as it becomes her only link to her self in some of her darkest hours.



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  1. Agree with FL – Go ask Alice is a great book. It seems to be one everyone, even my mum, has read. LD

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