What I saw and how I lied

ScholasticBy Judy Blundell

Evie Spooner is 15.  Her mother, stepfather and Evie go to Palm Springs for a holiday even though it’s the end of the holiday season and it is like a ghost town with hardly anyone there. But when a handsome 23-year-old man, Peter, shows up and claims to have been friends with Joe in the war, her life starts to take a turn. Peter, unlike anyone else, treats her like an adult and Evie starts to fall in love with him.  But her parents don’t want Evie hanging around with Peter.  Peter and her parents go out boating for the day when a hurricane hits. The results of this storm are devastating and Evie starts to realise everything she thought was the truth was really a lie and whatever she chooses she’ll be betraying someone.

8.5/10 JJ

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