Firestorm : Black Saturday’s tragedy. Compiled by a committee of Parents and Friends of Glenvale Primary School

Angus & RobertsonThis amazing book opens your eyes to the tragedy of the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires that occured on 7th February 2009. Even flicking through this book the emotions run thick. I felt grief, surprise, anger, exasperation, and hurt just to name a few. The book was ‘born in concept as a momento … that would help meet the huge public thirst for information on the greatest natural disaster that has ever struck our country’. The book does this. It has stories from survivors, unbelievable photos, statistical information, information about the megafire that were the Black Saturday bushfires, the areas that were burned, the impact on animals, and the response from Australia, including the Royal Commission. There is also a message from the ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The profits from the sales of the book are donated to individual CFA stations for equipment purchases. Take some time to remember and learn

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