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Betrayed: A House of Night novel by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Published by AtomZoey Redbird is settling in to the House of Night finishing school and is fairly confident about her powers. But then a human disappears and was last seen outside the House of Night but Zoey got a strange feeling that he would be found but he would be found dead. But then he got found and he was dead. They suspected vampires. But then Zoey had more stress to deal with, with the dark daughters now in her hands so she did some research she decided on some before the ritual. But then a few days later another human went missing. He was found dead too. Throughout all this commotion Zoey was still seeing ghosts but when she went to talk to her she overheard a scene between Neferet and Aphrodite saying Nyx (their goddess) has abandoned her then when Aphrodite has a vision of Zoey’s grandma dying she has to trust her and she then knows Nyx hasn’t abandoned her. But then st the full moon ritual just after Stevie Rae died her body rejected the change. That night Zoey had a dream about Heath and he was kidnapped. Zoey woke up the next morning to find Heath was missing. She had imprinted with him so it was easy for her to find him but then when she did there was a heap of undead kids including Stevie Rae using the elements Zoey got them out of there also promising Zoey that she wouldn’t forget her so she returned to school also to discover that Neferet was the one behind all this.