Trash By Andy Mulligan

Raphael, Gardo and Rat are known as dumpsite boys. They live in a slum and work on a dumpsite, sifting through rubbish looking for anything that they can sell to get money to buy food. Then one day Raphael finds a bag that contains a wallet, a folded-up map and a key. Raphael describes this day as his unlucky-lucky day as this day turns the three boys lives upside down. The boys solve the mystery of the bag by following clues, while they are chased by the police. Why are the police chasing them? What is so important about the bag and its contents? The narrative of this novel is shared between the boys and others that become involved in the story. It is sad to think that there are thousand of children throughout the world who live in slums just like these boys.
A great read

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