Holes by Louis Sachar

HolesThe characters of Stanley and zero both change a lot due to their experiences at Camp Green Lake.

Stanley’s and zeros situation were quite difficult before camp green lake: For starters Stanley’s family was poor and had bad luck because of a curse that got on Stanley’s great grandfather because he didn’t carry madam Zeroni up the hill like he did to the pig  to win the one that he loved which didn’t really work. Stanley’s family was also trying to find a cure for smelly shoes. And then in Zeros case he had no mum because he lost her so he was homeless so he slept in the playground tunnel.

The homes that Stanley and zero lived in changed a lot throughout the story: at the start their family are going to be kicked out there apartment because of the smell of stinky shoes because their father was trying to find a cure of smelly shoes so when they found the treasure of the lake Stanley’s lawyer came to pick him up and take him home and they also took zero with them. When they got back to Stanley’s home they opened up the tressure box and inside it were heaps of gold and silver and there also were cheques worth millions so hector got half of it so he hired a private investigator to find his mum and they both lived together at the end in great big mansions.

Friendships were another part of change in Stanley and zeros lives. So when Stanley got caught with the shoes that fell from the bridge he got to camp green lake he was pretty much bullied because he was new there when in a few days he became friends with zero and taught him how to read. Then he got accepted into the group where he got his nickname as caveman and kind of became the second in charge because they thought he was all big and tough because he fought zigzag when he really just pushed him and tripped over.

The biggest change for Stanley and zero was their luck because the whole thing when their luck changed was when Stanley stole the water truck to try and take out to zero so he could try and have a drink but he crashed the car. Then he ran off to try and find zero after a while walking across the dry lake he came to a wooden boat in the distance so he ran to it where he found zero sleeping under it. He then woke him up and zero gave Stanley this stuff he called sploosh he then asked Stanley what Marylou meant and showed him it was the name on the side of the boat so Stanley corrected him and realized it was Sam’s boat so he searched in the distanced and showed zero gods thumb and Stanley knew that there was water on top of it. So they started to climb it and Stanley had to carry zero up the mountain because he dehydrated and fainted then when he got up there there was water so Stanley put zero down and jumped into the water and splashed the water onto zero witch woke him up and they slept up there for the nite eating the onions and sang the rhyme of madam Zeroni witch then broke the curse.

Stanley and zero changed as people. They both changed as people because Stanley kind of became a hero because he found the treasure which had his name on it so it probably was legally his. So when they opened it there was a heap of gold and silver and also money cheques and half of it went to hector Zeroni and he hired private investigators to find his mum were in the end they found his mum and still had half the money and Stanley and his family moved out of the poor apartment and Stanley and zeros parents bought a mansion right next to each other with a pool and everything.

Throughout the story line it shows how their luck changes and not to steal things and the whole betrayal bit whare they say they are digging holes because it is good for you. And at the end they got new houses weren’t poor because of their invention and lived a happy live with their friends and stuff.

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