Careful what you wish for by Maureen McCarthy

Careful what you wish forRuth Craze hates almost everything about her life.  Her brothers are annoying, her parents take no notice of her, their house is a mess and she has no friends.  The only time she is truly happy is when she is with his Aunt Mary Ellen. But then Mary Ellen falls ill and before she dies, she gives Ruth a stuffed rat named Rodney with instructions to give him away when he stops being useful. Ruth treasures this present and Rodney sleeps in her bedroom at night and accompanies her when she goes out. However during one outing her brother grabs Rodney and throws him into a river. Ruth is devastated.  Ruth makes friends with the new kid at school who is a loner.  She tells Howard about loosing the rat , Rodney and Howard suggest that they go back to where Rodney disappears to try and find him.

After looking for Rodney for awhile they both have a sleep.  Ruth wakes up and finds Rodney who reveals his ability to grant three wishes to create her perfect life.  She makes her wishes and one by one is given what she thinks will make her life perfect. Each wish leads Ruth on an adventure. Each life that Rodney creates for her seems perfect at first but as time goes on the imperfections begin to show.  Ruth realises that her life is not so bad after all and that she does have a family that really cares for her.

My question is does Rodney really have special powers or did Ruth dream these adventures while she slept on the river bank?  What do you think?

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