You against me by Jenny downham

David Flickling Books‘You Against Me’ is a look at the devastation caused to two families by one stupid action.
This is a story about loyalty, choices and above all love.
Mickey’s family are poor and he lives with his two sisters and his alcoholic mother in a run-down block of flats.
Ellie’s family is rich and she lives with her mother, father and brother in a nice house.
Mikey’s sister has accused Ellie’s brother of sexual assault and Ellie is the only witness – it is her testimony that will affect the outcome of the case.
As the story unfolds, Ellie and Mikey meet and become good friends. As Ellie reflects on the night in question, you will starts to question just what happened, as does Ellie.
This is not just a love story, it is a story of family loyalties and about what is right and wrong. It is a story of how one action can devastate so many lives, and how sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing.

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