Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

EclipseEclipse, much like the two previous books in the epic Twilight saga, is full of torment, surprises, fear, indecision and coincidentally, happiness for Bella Swan. After returning home from Italy, all seems well in the little town of Forks until unexpectedly a string of sudden gruesome murders happen in the city of Seattle. Thinking the murders are linked, the Cullens decide to keep an eye on the situation while things escalate. Confusion spreads as to why the Voturi have not stepped in and clean up the situation, when the Cullen’s discover these are vampire attacks.

Meanwhile Bella is having problems with her best friend Jacob Black who is coincidentally a member of an abnormally large werewolf pack, and the natural enemy vampires. This makes things difficult for Bella, after she has accepted to marry her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen; in return Edward has to turn Bella into one of the immortal walking dead. This upsets Jacob deeply, and will also affect the entire Cullen family. The werewolves and the Cullens have a treaty, but this will end if any of Cullens bite a human, thus creating problems for Bella. Not only has that she discovered that her vampire enemy Victoria has created an army to destroy her and the Cullens.

In spite of the treaty, the immortal enemies join ranks in order to save Bella and the town of Forks from the wrath of Victoria and her new born vampire army. The victory was not without sacrifice, whilst helping another werewolf; Jacob Black is injured in the heat of battle having all of the bones in the right side of his body shattered.

This book is a great read and I recommend it to anyone to read it, whether you prefer werewolves, vampires or mystery/thrillers.

Rating: 8 ½ /10

By J.M.

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