Pig Boy by J.C. Burke

Woolshed pressOn Damon’s 18th birthday and just before his school exams, he is expelled from school. Damon is a loner; he has been teased, harassed and bullied all his life. He just keeps on feeling angry, but he has a plan – he has a list of names, and he’s going to get his gun license. But Damon’s life is about to change forever because when he storms out of the school and makes his way home through the bush track, he witnesses something he isn’t meant to see and worse than that, he takes something home that he shouldn’t have  and locks it in his cupboard. Damon decides he needs to get a job with the town’s professional hunter, a man simply known as the Pigman. Miro is a Bosnian -Serb who like Damon, can’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Damon’s life will never be the same again.

Wannik Dance Academy

Dreamtime at the GThe Wannik dance group participated in a tradition warrior dance at the Dream time match between Essendon and Richmond in Melbourne. On the 21st of May and Jacob Roehme was the choreographer.

It took the girls a week to learn the dance and they performed the dance very well at the MCG. The AFL was very generous and gave the girls some spare tickets so they could bring someone along.

The girls were very nervous before they performed the dance but afterwards they were proud.

The girls would like to thank Miss Cameron, Tanya, Mr Burton and their families.

Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeBullying, swimming race, Riny died, moved towns, Mike, Riny, Mum, Shane Thomas.

Mike moved towns from Melbourne to Sydney. He went to a new school and it was hard to make friends, he got bullied from a kid called Shane Thomas. Shane Thomas was a really good swimmer; Mike wanted to beat him at what he was best at. He met the lady across the street her name was Riny, she let him use her pool to practice. He won the race and beat Shane Thomas, but sadly his friend Riny died.

It was an alright book, my favourite part was when he beat Shane.

J.M. 5/10

Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeThis novel has an interesting plot, which was easy to follow for me. It is definitely a book you it is impossible to put down once you’ve started. The climax of Mike is quiet a good one, sucking you into Mikes world. But, I have to say that I wasn’t happy with the ending; Riny shouldn’t have died!

Who was the intended audience of the book? I would have to say it was young people, people going through tough times, bullying, and needed to know they weren’t the only ones. The novel was an inspiring book to read. The main issues of the book were Mikes bullying issues, his efforts to train to beat the bully Shane Thomas at swimming, and I reckon that they were appropriate for the audience. I think the story wasn’t just to entertain us, but to send out a message; you still have hope, don’t give up! Well, that’s what I think it is. Did I finish the book wanting questions answered, and issues discussed? Of course I did! You would too!

The characters of this engaging novel had personalities that complemented the plot. I do, of course, care of what happens to them! The characters are so believable, they could walk up the main street and you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. They do have a little bit of a complex relationship, but that just makes it seem better for the book, better to get the message across, you know?

The readability of Mike was top quality for me. They style of the text and the size made it easy to read. The language also suited the novel well, and I recommend you read it! The book has affected my life in the ways I deal with bullying; stand up, and fight back! I am really glad I read it.



Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeI liked the girl named Riny because she was so kind and nice to mike, she helped him a lot with his swimming and let him use her pool to practice his swimming so that he would be perfect to beat Shayne Thomas. The disappointing part of the book was that Riny had died before mike had competed to beat Shayne Thomas. The other thing that I was a bit confused about was how mike ended up at riny’s house. But other than that I really like the book and I would read it again. I would of like the book to be longer because it was getting really good and then I was just getting into it and then all of a sudden it was over.

Thankyou: CN

Wannik Dance Academy

Dreamtime at the GThe Wannik Dance Academy participated in the Dream Time at the G on the 21st May.   

It took the Wannik girls one week to learn the dance and they got it perfect on the night without any mistakes.

Jacob Boehme was the choreographer to the Traditional Warrior dance that the Wannik Dance Academy girls performed on the MCG.

The girls felt excited to go on and perform. After seeing the crowd they started to feel a bit shaky and some of the girls wanted to back out, but they got out there and did a perfect job. Once they were done some wanted to do it again.

The girls would like to thank Miss Cameron for helping us do our make-up, Burto for supporting us and always being there to help us learn the dance, Tanya for teaching us the dance and to all the parents and family members that came to support us, Aunty Joy and the boys dancing with us for making it such a wonderful night.

J.A. 7A

Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeI think Mike is a good book for people that like to read about Mike getting bullied by Shane Thomas. Mike is trying very hard at school. Mike likes going swimming so that he can train for the race so he can bet Shane Thomas. Mike has someone helping him to race. Her name is Riny because she has won the rhace before so that is why she is helping mike. So his can bet Shane at the race. If you like stories about swimming and bullying you could read this book without putting it down. I like the book but at the start it was boring but at the end it was good.

C.L 6.5/10

Wannik Dance Academy

Wannik Dance AcademyThe Wannik Dance Academy students were chosen by Jacob Boeme ,who is a well recognised choreographer, to participate in the Dream time at the G on Saturday the 21th of May.

The girls had to perform a tradisanal warrior dance in front of a crowd with the span of about 80.000 people and on live television. They were scared at the start, of course, but when they started getting into position they were pumped and ready to perform.

The girls did a wonderful job at the G performed with smiles on their faces and when it was finished they were very excited but they wanted to do it again, after the dance the girls performed another dance where they danced around in a circle having lots of fun.

The girls would like to thank Tanya, Mr. Burton, Miss Cameron auntie, the boys and the family’s that were really supportive.

Dreamtime at the G…

Dreamtime at the G“I am Jannali and I am part of the Mooroopna’s Wannik Dance Academy. I am here to tell you about my dreamtime at the G of the 21st of May.”

It was stunning. I loved it and it was very different than I thought it would be.

We all caught the bus to Melbourne around 11.30 and got there around about 3.00.

We all then got off the bus and walked around the MCG to find the main entrance which we found in 15 minutes. Our parents went for a walk about somewhere.

I got my ticket and pass and went through the door then we girls made our way into the practice nets for the cricket players. 

Around 3.30 we went out onto the field. It was amazing to be on the grounds of the MCG.

Then we had to wait for a little while and listen to instructions that were given to us from a lady in black.

When the instructions were given out we had 30 minutes to practise and get it done for the day.

Tana, Neesh and I went back to the practice nets and grabbed something to eat and drink.

Zali, Tana, Taneesha and I were practising our shuffling and were talking to each other.

Later on down the track we all got ready and put our gear on also put our faces on and went onto the grounds to do our dance.

When I started dancing I felt amazed and proud of myself and good to be out there dancing in front of heaps and heaps of people. This was my chance to shine in front of what felt like a million people.

When we finished dancing in front of the people we went to the Nets and got changed and met our parents up stairs.

Then later on in the night the game finished and Richmond won the game we got on the bus and went home.

It was the best fun I ever had. Thanks to Mr Burton and Tanya and also to Jacob who is part of the Chunky Moves program!