Dreamtime at the G…

Dreamtime at the G“I am Jannali and I am part of the Mooroopna’s Wannik Dance Academy. I am here to tell you about my dreamtime at the G of the 21st of May.”

It was stunning. I loved it and it was very different than I thought it would be.

We all caught the bus to Melbourne around 11.30 and got there around about 3.00.

We all then got off the bus and walked around the MCG to find the main entrance which we found in 15 minutes. Our parents went for a walk about somewhere.

I got my ticket and pass and went through the door then we girls made our way into the practice nets for the cricket players. 

Around 3.30 we went out onto the field. It was amazing to be on the grounds of the MCG.

Then we had to wait for a little while and listen to instructions that were given to us from a lady in black.

When the instructions were given out we had 30 minutes to practise and get it done for the day.

Tana, Neesh and I went back to the practice nets and grabbed something to eat and drink.

Zali, Tana, Taneesha and I were practising our shuffling and were talking to each other.

Later on down the track we all got ready and put our gear on also put our faces on and went onto the grounds to do our dance.

When I started dancing I felt amazed and proud of myself and good to be out there dancing in front of heaps and heaps of people. This was my chance to shine in front of what felt like a million people.

When we finished dancing in front of the people we went to the Nets and got changed and met our parents up stairs.

Then later on in the night the game finished and Richmond won the game we got on the bus and went home.

It was the best fun I ever had. Thanks to Mr Burton and Tanya and also to Jacob who is part of the Chunky Moves program! 

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