Wannik Dance Academy

Wannik Dance AcademyThe Wannik Dance Academy students were chosen by Jacob Boeme ,who is a well recognised choreographer, to participate in the Dream time at the G on Saturday the 21th of May.

The girls had to perform a tradisanal warrior dance in front of a crowd with the span of about 80.000 people and on live television. They were scared at the start, of course, but when they started getting into position they were pumped and ready to perform.

The girls did a wonderful job at the G performed with smiles on their faces and when it was finished they were very excited but they wanted to do it again, after the dance the girls performed another dance where they danced around in a circle having lots of fun.

The girls would like to thank Tanya, Mr. Burton, Miss Cameron auntie, the boys and the family’s that were really supportive.

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