Wannik Dance Academy

Dreamtime at the GThe Wannik Dance Academy participated in the Dream Time at the G on the 21st May.   

It took the Wannik girls one week to learn the dance and they got it perfect on the night without any mistakes.

Jacob Boehme was the choreographer to the Traditional Warrior dance that the Wannik Dance Academy girls performed on the MCG.

The girls felt excited to go on and perform. After seeing the crowd they started to feel a bit shaky and some of the girls wanted to back out, but they got out there and did a perfect job. Once they were done some wanted to do it again.

The girls would like to thank Miss Cameron for helping us do our make-up, Burto for supporting us and always being there to help us learn the dance, Tanya for teaching us the dance and to all the parents and family members that came to support us, Aunty Joy and the boys dancing with us for making it such a wonderful night.

J.A. 7A

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