Melbourne Writers Festival by Olivia Campbell (year 10)

mwfOn 30th August a group of sixteen students varying from year 7 to 10 travelled to Melbourne to participate in the Melbourne Writers Festival. The day consisted of the group spliting off into two separate groups to go and listen to either one of the following authors at 11.15:

            Meet Oliver Phommavanah


            Bringing history to life, Jane Caro, Mike Lefroy and Carol Wilkinson

The two groups would meet again before splitting again to meet another author at 12.30:

            What body part if that? Andy Griffiths


            Wicked warriors, Terry Denton and Alison Lloyd

At both meetings the groups would listen for 40 minutes on what the author had to say. Either it be how they got into the business of writing books/stories for teens, to just saying absolutely nothing and throwing rationality out of the window. However and whatever the groups listened to, the authors told them basically to never give up. Imagination and facts are key and don’t throw away your window of childhood to grow up faster.

By Olivia Campbell Year 10

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