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Persepolis: The story of a childhood and The story of a return by Marjane Satrapi

Vintage BooksThis is an enlightening graphic novel. Satrapi is able to show the reader how the political and social changes in Iran affected the strong-minded, opinionated Satrapi as a child, through to adulthood. Although this sounds ‘heavy’, and there are those moments throughout the novel, Satrapi manages to ease you into her world through humour. She shows us through fantastic, funny, and sometimes confronting images and words how suddenly having to wear a veil in public impacted on her and her childhood friends. Satrapi is also able to compare the control of one country to the freedom of another, and gives you an idea of how martyrdom became to be a revered act by many in Iran. Reading this novel was a look into another world for me, one which I now understand a little better. This novel is a real eye-opener and definitely worth a read.