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The vanishing game, by Kate Kae Myers

vanishinggameJocelyn and Jack are twins with an unbreakable bond. They have been through so much. They have survived a neglecful mother, and a frightning, dangerous foster home called Seale House. But the unthinkable happens. Jack dies and Jocelyn is left by herself. When she receives a letter from Jason December – Jack’s old code name – Jocelyn begins to question whether Jack actually is dead. He is the only one, besides their old friend Noah, who knew of that code name. Jocelyn and her long-time childhood crush Noah race against time to find Jack…if it is indeed Jack they are looking for.


Fang by James Patterson

FangFang is the next in the Maximum Ride adventure series by James Patterson. In this fast-paced, action-packed book, Max continues her quest to save the world from evil forces. She faces a huge foe though – her perfect other half, Dylan. Dylan is a winged boy, raised in a lab, and exists only to be Max’s partner. Fang, though, is Max’s best friend and soul mate, and he is in trouble. Max tries desperately to protect Fang as the battle rages between science and the soul, perfection and passion.

You won’t be able to put this book down!



The one that got away by Chris Ryan

published by Random House
This book tells the true story of an SAS patrol behind enemy lines in Iraq, the Gulf War.
Of the eight members of the SAS regiment who set off, only one escaped capture. This is his story. During the first night of the mission the SAS patrol was accidentally separated and Chris Ryan found himself completely unprepared for the vicious cold of the desert winter. Left on his own he set out towards the Syrian border, walking 200 miles without food or water through the most extreme conditions and in constant danger. This is a story of courage and the refusal to lie down and die.

The Dead by Charlie Higson

Published by Penguin
A terrible new disease is striking everybody over the age of 14. The adults that don’t die are starting to turn on the kids, attacking like wild animals.
This is a story of survival, its a story of blood and gore or more preciesly boils and pus.
I usually don’t like this type of story but once you start reading this book you can’t put it down. This book is definitely not for the squeamish!!!  This is the second in the horror trilogy.  The Enemy is the first book, but  you don ‘t have to have read this to read The Dead.              Once you starting reading you won’t be able to put it down.

9/10 JJ

The recruit by Robert Muchamore.






CHERUB BooksAfter loosing his mother, James is separated from his sister Lauren, and sent to Nebraska House (a home for boys). But little does he know, he is being kept under close surveillance by CHERUB, a British intelligence for kids. There he is offered a position, which involves 100 days of intense training and the completion of various tests. Will he be up to it, or will something stop him dead in his tracks?

This was a great novel and I recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a bit of action: especially teenagers. It is an excellent read and I was glued to it the whole way through. I rate it 10 out of 10. If you loved Storm breaker you’ll love this. I think I’ll even give the second one ago. My full praise to Robert Muchamore.


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