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Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeThis novel has an interesting plot, which was easy to follow for me. It is definitely a book you it is impossible to put down once you’ve started. The climax of Mike is quiet a good one, sucking you into Mikes world. But, I have to say that I wasn’t happy with the ending; Riny shouldn’t have died!

Who was the intended audience of the book? I would have to say it was young people, people going through tough times, bullying, and needed to know they weren’t the only ones. The novel was an inspiring book to read. The main issues of the book were Mikes bullying issues, his efforts to train to beat the bully Shane Thomas at swimming, and I reckon that they were appropriate for the audience. I think the story wasn’t just to entertain us, but to send out a message; you still have hope, don’t give up! Well, that’s what I think it is. Did I finish the book wanting questions answered, and issues discussed? Of course I did! You would too!

The characters of this engaging novel had personalities that complemented the plot. I do, of course, care of what happens to them! The characters are so believable, they could walk up the main street and you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. They do have a little bit of a complex relationship, but that just makes it seem better for the book, better to get the message across, you know?

The readability of Mike was top quality for me. They style of the text and the size made it easy to read. The language also suited the novel well, and I recommend you read it! The book has affected my life in the ways I deal with bullying; stand up, and fight back! I am really glad I read it.



Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeI liked the girl named Riny because she was so kind and nice to mike, she helped him a lot with his swimming and let him use her pool to practice his swimming so that he would be perfect to beat Shayne Thomas. The disappointing part of the book was that Riny had died before mike had competed to beat Shayne Thomas. The other thing that I was a bit confused about was how mike ended up at riny’s house. But other than that I really like the book and I would read it again. I would of like the book to be longer because it was getting really good and then I was just getting into it and then all of a sudden it was over.

Thankyou: CN

Fang by James Patterson

FangFang is the next in the Maximum Ride adventure series by James Patterson. In this fast-paced, action-packed book, Max continues her quest to save the world from evil forces. She faces a huge foe though – her perfect other half, Dylan. Dylan is a winged boy, raised in a lab, and exists only to be Max’s partner. Fang, though, is Max’s best friend and soul mate, and he is in trouble. Max tries desperately to protect Fang as the battle rages between science and the soul, perfection and passion.

You won’t be able to put this book down!



A waltz for Matilda by Jackie French

published by Angus & RobertsonThis story is set between 1894 and 1915 and Jackie French has incorporated many historical facts into this story.  Women’s rights and the federation of Australia are part of this story.

Matilda’s aunt and than her mother die so she leaves the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm.  Her search leads her to a community divided by the shearers’ strike and because of this and a very serious drought; her father has decided to turn swaggie.  Maltilda and her dad hit the road but are caught by the troopers and the local squatter, at a billabong.  They say that Matilda’s dad had stolen a sheep, so he tries to escape by jumping into the billabong but he is caught in the water weeds and drowns.  Matilda takes over the farm with the help of an aboriginal elder Auntie Love and some of her father’s friends.  During her journey through life, Matilda discovers that there are many kinds of love.

Great read.

Life as we knew it by Susan Pfeffer

published by Scholastic No shops.  No TV.  No phones.  No electricity.  No daylight.  No idea who is alive or dead…

When a meteor crashes into the Moon, it knocks the Moon’s orbit a bit closer to the Earth, causing tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. Told in journal entries, this is the story of 16 year old Miranda’s struggle to hold on to hope in an increasingly desperate and unfamiliar world. When so many people are giving up hope, starving, and dying of diseases Miranda, her mother and two brothers must try to survive. When food, water and power shortages along with extreme weather take hold her family is forced to make tough choices while they consider their increasingly limited options.

You against me by Jenny downham

David Flickling Books‘You Against Me’ is a look at the devastation caused to two families by one stupid action.
This is a story about loyalty, choices and above all love.
Mickey’s family are poor and he lives with his two sisters and his alcoholic mother in a run-down block of flats.
Ellie’s family is rich and she lives with her mother, father and brother in a nice house.
Mikey’s sister has accused Ellie’s brother of sexual assault and Ellie is the only witness – it is her testimony that will affect the outcome of the case.
As the story unfolds, Ellie and Mikey meet and become good friends. As Ellie reflects on the night in question, you will starts to question just what happened, as does Ellie.
This is not just a love story, it is a story of family loyalties and about what is right and wrong. It is a story of how one action can devastate so many lives, and how sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing.

Careful what you wish for by Maureen McCarthy

Careful what you wish forRuth Craze hates almost everything about her life.  Her brothers are annoying, her parents take no notice of her, their house is a mess and she has no friends.  The only time she is truly happy is when she is with his Aunt Mary Ellen. But then Mary Ellen falls ill and before she dies, she gives Ruth a stuffed rat named Rodney with instructions to give him away when he stops being useful. Ruth treasures this present and Rodney sleeps in her bedroom at night and accompanies her when she goes out. However during one outing her brother grabs Rodney and throws him into a river. Ruth is devastated.  Ruth makes friends with the new kid at school who is a loner.  She tells Howard about loosing the rat , Rodney and Howard suggest that they go back to where Rodney disappears to try and find him.

After looking for Rodney for awhile they both have a sleep.  Ruth wakes up and finds Rodney who reveals his ability to grant three wishes to create her perfect life.  She makes her wishes and one by one is given what she thinks will make her life perfect. Each wish leads Ruth on an adventure. Each life that Rodney creates for her seems perfect at first but as time goes on the imperfections begin to show.  Ruth realises that her life is not so bad after all and that she does have a family that really cares for her.

My question is does Rodney really have special powers or did Ruth dream these adventures while she slept on the river bank?  What do you think?

Holes by Louis Sachar

HolesThe characters of Stanley and zero both change a lot due to their experiences at Camp Green Lake.

Stanley’s and zeros situation were quite difficult before camp green lake: For starters Stanley’s family was poor and had bad luck because of a curse that got on Stanley’s great grandfather because he didn’t carry madam Zeroni up the hill like he did to the pig  to win the one that he loved which didn’t really work. Stanley’s family was also trying to find a cure for smelly shoes. And then in Zeros case he had no mum because he lost her so he was homeless so he slept in the playground tunnel.

The homes that Stanley and zero lived in changed a lot throughout the story: at the start their family are going to be kicked out there apartment because of the smell of stinky shoes because their father was trying to find a cure of smelly shoes so when they found the treasure of the lake Stanley’s lawyer came to pick him up and take him home and they also took zero with them. When they got back to Stanley’s home they opened up the tressure box and inside it were heaps of gold and silver and there also were cheques worth millions so hector got half of it so he hired a private investigator to find his mum and they both lived together at the end in great big mansions.

Friendships were another part of change in Stanley and zeros lives. So when Stanley got caught with the shoes that fell from the bridge he got to camp green lake he was pretty much bullied because he was new there when in a few days he became friends with zero and taught him how to read. Then he got accepted into the group where he got his nickname as caveman and kind of became the second in charge because they thought he was all big and tough because he fought zigzag when he really just pushed him and tripped over.

The biggest change for Stanley and zero was their luck because the whole thing when their luck changed was when Stanley stole the water truck to try and take out to zero so he could try and have a drink but he crashed the car. Then he ran off to try and find zero after a while walking across the dry lake he came to a wooden boat in the distance so he ran to it where he found zero sleeping under it. He then woke him up and zero gave Stanley this stuff he called sploosh he then asked Stanley what Marylou meant and showed him it was the name on the side of the boat so Stanley corrected him and realized it was Sam’s boat so he searched in the distanced and showed zero gods thumb and Stanley knew that there was water on top of it. So they started to climb it and Stanley had to carry zero up the mountain because he dehydrated and fainted then when he got up there there was water so Stanley put zero down and jumped into the water and splashed the water onto zero witch woke him up and they slept up there for the nite eating the onions and sang the rhyme of madam Zeroni witch then broke the curse.

Stanley and zero changed as people. They both changed as people because Stanley kind of became a hero because he found the treasure which had his name on it so it probably was legally his. So when they opened it there was a heap of gold and silver and also money cheques and half of it went to hector Zeroni and he hired private investigators to find his mum were in the end they found his mum and still had half the money and Stanley and his family moved out of the poor apartment and Stanley and zeros parents bought a mansion right next to each other with a pool and everything.

Throughout the story line it shows how their luck changes and not to steal things and the whole betrayal bit whare they say they are digging holes because it is good for you. And at the end they got new houses weren’t poor because of their invention and lived a happy live with their friends and stuff.

The Dead by Charlie Higson

Published by Penguin
A terrible new disease is striking everybody over the age of 14. The adults that don’t die are starting to turn on the kids, attacking like wild animals.
This is a story of survival, its a story of blood and gore or more preciesly boils and pus.
I usually don’t like this type of story but once you start reading this book you can’t put it down. This book is definitely not for the squeamish!!!  This is the second in the horror trilogy.  The Enemy is the first book, but  you don ‘t have to have read this to read The Dead.              Once you starting reading you won’t be able to put it down.

9/10 JJ