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The vanishing game, by Kate Kae Myers

vanishinggameJocelyn and Jack are twins with an unbreakable bond. They have been through so much. They have survived a neglecful mother, and a frightning, dangerous foster home called Seale House. But the unthinkable happens. Jack dies and Jocelyn is left by herself. When she receives a letter from Jason December – Jack’s old code name – Jocelyn begins to question whether Jack actually is dead. He is the only one, besides their old friend Noah, who knew of that code name. Jocelyn and her long-time childhood crush Noah race against time to find Jack…if it is indeed Jack they are looking for.


Where She Went by Gayle Forman

whereshewentI must have been living under a rock! I read If I stay awhile ago, and watched the movie, but didn’t know that there was a sequal! Where she went is set three years after the devastating accident that changed Mia’s life. Much has happened in those three years, and not all good. The story is written from Adam’s perspective and leaves the reader in no doubt of the pain that Adam is experiencing. Why is he suffering and will his pain heal? Read and find out. 8.5/10


Zac & Mia by A.J Betts

Zac & MiaI could not put this book down.  A great read.  Both characters – Mia and Zac – are believable and you feel for each.  Both have a serious illness, and both are very young.  Hospital is not much fun at any time, and if there are no other young people there it is even more isolating.  Everything is changing, including your place in the family. As the Inky’s site says “You need courage to be in hospital; different courage to be back in the real world. In one of these worlds Zac needs Mia. And in the other Mia needs Zac. Or maybe they both need each other, . . .  always.”