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The Giver, by Lois Lowry

the giverWhat would you do if you found out that the world you lived in was false? That in order to protect itself, your community controlled every little aspect of your life – your beliefs, your feelings, your body, what you see and don’t see. The past is hidden from you in order to ‘protect’ you. On the up side, there is no war, no hunger, no pain. There is also no colour. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, right? But, what happens if you see a bit of colour, if you feel joyt for an instan, if you start to understand love. This is the dilemma Jonas lives with when he is selected as the Reciever of Memory. Go on the journey with Jonas as he struggles with emotions and memories that are all new to him, as those around him continue to live in ignorance. An excellent book that will leave you wanting more.


Tigers on the Beach, by Doug MacLeod

tigersonthebeachThis is a really good story. It is not one of those books that are really sad or really scary. It is a  story that will make you laugh out loud, feel a bit sad at times, and also a bit angry. It will make you glad that you read it. The main character, Adam, loves a good joke and enjoys sharing these with his grandfather. Unfortunately, his grandfather passes away and what happens then begins to divide Adam’s once strongly united family. Along the way Adam falls for a girl called Samantha, who doesn’t quite have the same sense of humour as him…, gets into a few embarrassing situations, mucks around with his brother and stops him from doing dangerous things (like walking into trees), and tries to save his family’s business among other things. Again, this is a good book and one that you definitely should read.

Fang by James Patterson

FangFang is the next in the Maximum Ride adventure series by James Patterson. In this fast-paced, action-packed book, Max continues her quest to save the world from evil forces. She faces a huge foe though – her perfect other half, Dylan. Dylan is a winged boy, raised in a lab, and exists only to be Max’s partner. Fang, though, is Max’s best friend and soul mate, and he is in trouble. Max tries desperately to protect Fang as the battle rages between science and the soul, perfection and passion.

You won’t be able to put this book down!



The Book of Lies by James Maloney

HarperCollinsA wonderful story of magic, orphans, Kings and Queens, beasts, wars, Wizards, and more. This book has the lot! It is a fantasy that gets you hooked from the very beginning. You will question and guess your way through its pages, wondering what will happen next. The Kingdom is threatened by evil, but where is the evil coming from? If you like this book, then get excited because the follow-on books,  Master of the Books and The book from Baden Dark, are already available in the library!

8/10 RF

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Little Brown & CompanyThis is a very confronting story of a teenage girl named Susie Salmon. The first chapter is pivotal to the story and leaves the reader struggling with a range of emotions. The rest of the novel is narrated by Susie from heaven. The writer cleverly manages to show the range of behaviours and emotions that she and her family go through during their bereavement.

This a great book! I highly recommend it to all teenagers and adults. During our life on earth, we all experience the death of family and friends. I feel that reading this novel will help prepare us to handle this grief.

JT        9/10