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Boys don’t cry

Random HouseBy Malorie Blackman
Seventeen year old Dante has his life all planned out. He has studied hard and plans on going to uni and becoming a journalist. However, his world is blown apart when his ex girlfriend, Melanie turns up on his door step with a baby. His baby.
Boys Don’t Cry follows the story of Dante and how he copes looking after his baby daughter after Melanie goes shopping and doesn’t come back. This is not just a story about Dante but also his brother Adam who is comfortable with his own sexuality even thought others struggle with it. This is an emotionally charged story about love and families.
This is a great read.

Pig Boy by J.C. Burke

Woolshed pressOn Damon’s 18th birthday and just before his school exams, he is expelled from school. Damon is a loner; he has been teased, harassed and bullied all his life. He just keeps on feeling angry, but he has a plan – he has a list of names, and he’s going to get his gun license. But Damon’s life is about to change forever because when he storms out of the school and makes his way home through the bush track, he witnesses something he isn’t meant to see and worse than that, he takes something home that he shouldn’t have  and locks it in his cupboard. Damon decides he needs to get a job with the town’s professional hunter, a man simply known as the Pigman. Miro is a Bosnian -Serb who like Damon, can’t seem to fit in anywhere.

Damon’s life will never be the same again.

A waltz for Matilda by Jackie French

published by Angus & RobertsonThis story is set between 1894 and 1915 and Jackie French has incorporated many historical facts into this story.  Women’s rights and the federation of Australia are part of this story.

Matilda’s aunt and than her mother die so she leaves the city slums to find her unknown father and his farm.  Her search leads her to a community divided by the shearers’ strike and because of this and a very serious drought; her father has decided to turn swaggie.  Maltilda and her dad hit the road but are caught by the troopers and the local squatter, at a billabong.  They say that Matilda’s dad had stolen a sheep, so he tries to escape by jumping into the billabong but he is caught in the water weeds and drowns.  Matilda takes over the farm with the help of an aboriginal elder Auntie Love and some of her father’s friends.  During her journey through life, Matilda discovers that there are many kinds of love.

Great read.

The one that got away by Chris Ryan

published by Random House
This book tells the true story of an SAS patrol behind enemy lines in Iraq, the Gulf War.
Of the eight members of the SAS regiment who set off, only one escaped capture. This is his story. During the first night of the mission the SAS patrol was accidentally separated and Chris Ryan found himself completely unprepared for the vicious cold of the desert winter. Left on his own he set out towards the Syrian border, walking 200 miles without food or water through the most extreme conditions and in constant danger. This is a story of courage and the refusal to lie down and die.

You against me by Jenny downham

David Flickling Books‘You Against Me’ is a look at the devastation caused to two families by one stupid action.
This is a story about loyalty, choices and above all love.
Mickey’s family are poor and he lives with his two sisters and his alcoholic mother in a run-down block of flats.
Ellie’s family is rich and she lives with her mother, father and brother in a nice house.
Mikey’s sister has accused Ellie’s brother of sexual assault and Ellie is the only witness – it is her testimony that will affect the outcome of the case.
As the story unfolds, Ellie and Mikey meet and become good friends. As Ellie reflects on the night in question, you will starts to question just what happened, as does Ellie.
This is not just a love story, it is a story of family loyalties and about what is right and wrong. It is a story of how one action can devastate so many lives, and how sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing.

Firestorm : Black Saturday’s tragedy. Compiled by a committee of Parents and Friends of Glenvale Primary School

Angus & RobertsonThis amazing book opens your eyes to the tragedy of the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires that occured on 7th February 2009. Even flicking through this book the emotions run thick. I felt grief, surprise, anger, exasperation, and hurt just to name a few. The book was ‘born in concept as a momento … that would help meet the huge public thirst for information on the greatest natural disaster that has ever struck our country’. The book does this. It has stories from survivors, unbelievable photos, statistical information, information about the megafire that were the Black Saturday bushfires, the areas that were burned, the impact on animals, and the response from Australia, including the Royal Commission. There is also a message from the ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. The profits from the sales of the book are donated to individual CFA stations for equipment purchases. Take some time to remember and learn