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Violence 101 by Denis Wright

Violence 101The main character of this novel is Hamish. He is 14 years old, intelligent, and very violent. Despite his intelligence, having to write a journal of self-reflection is hard for him. He likes taking apart other things, including the neighbours pet poodle, but struggles to analyse himself. This novel is not a nice book. It is a stark look at a troubled teenager and the violence that boils beneath his surface, violence that often erupts.


Fans of Charlie Higson’s zombie books

Charlie Higson is the author of the zombie series The Enemy, The Dead, and the new The Fear. Check out Charlie Higson’s website  for a trailer of the latest novel, The Fear. You can also read extracts from the three books, make a zombie, and get updates.

WARNING: this website contains images that will make you feel sick!!!

Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson is also the author of the young James Bond books. Come into the library to see what we have available.

The life of a teenage body snatcher by Doug MacLeod

The life of a teenage body snatcherThomas Timewell is sixteen years old and a gentleman, until he decides to dig up his dead Grandfather.  He meets a body-snatcher called Plenitude, is pursued by cutthroats, a gypsy with a meat cleaver, and even the Grim Reaper.

This book is a black comedy. It is set in England in 1828 and shows what can happen when you try to do the right thing. ‘Never a good idea’, according to Thomas’s mother.


Melbourne Writers Festival by Olivia Campbell (year 10)

mwfOn 30th August a group of sixteen students varying from year 7 to 10 travelled to Melbourne to participate in the Melbourne Writers Festival. The day consisted of the group spliting off into two separate groups to go and listen to either one of the following authors at 11.15:

            Meet Oliver Phommavanah


            Bringing history to life, Jane Caro, Mike Lefroy and Carol Wilkinson

The two groups would meet again before splitting again to meet another author at 12.30:

            What body part if that? Andy Griffiths


            Wicked warriors, Terry Denton and Alison Lloyd

At both meetings the groups would listen for 40 minutes on what the author had to say. Either it be how they got into the business of writing books/stories for teens, to just saying absolutely nothing and throwing rationality out of the window. However and whatever the groups listened to, the authors told them basically to never give up. Imagination and facts are key and don’t throw away your window of childhood to grow up faster.

By Olivia Campbell Year 10


 They have a crescent shape, smooth, yellow, soft, pliable skin and edible, seedless, creamy-white, sweet flesh.


There is 5 different varieties of Bananas, there are Cavendish or Williams, Lady Finger, Gold Finger, Red types or Red Daccas, Plantains.


Bananas are available all year round but there most but mostly in April, May and June.


Bananas are grown on big high trees. You know there ripe when they turn yellow.


They have a lot of vitamin C and are a good source in Fibre.


Bananas can be cooked in all different ways; they can make Banana chips, banana smoothie and Banana pops


Bananas can come in a verity of different colours, such as green, red, yellow, and orange.

Mike by Brian Caswell

MikeI think Mike is a good book for people that like to read about Mike getting bullied by Shane Thomas. Mike is trying very hard at school. Mike likes going swimming so that he can train for the race so he can bet Shane Thomas. Mike has someone helping him to race. Her name is Riny because she has won the rhace before so that is why she is helping mike. So his can bet Shane at the race. If you like stories about swimming and bullying you could read this book without putting it down. I like the book but at the start it was boring but at the end it was good.

C.L 6.5/10