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 What’s Doing Tuesday 16th November.

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The two pearls of wisdom by Alison Goodman

HarperCollinsWhat I loved about this book were the strong characters. The main character is a female who has to hide her true identity for her own safety and that of others. She pretends to be Eon, a boy who has the chance to practice the Drangoneye’s art, in a world where this deception is punishable by death. The Dragoneye is a lord who can help protect and make fruitful the Empire’s land. Goodman writes beautifully of the Dragons that connect to these Dragoneyes. You can easily imagine these powerful beings and see their shimmering scales and long claws when they are called by their Dragoneye. The sacrifices made, and the struggles Eon faces are awesome. There are other characters, too, whose love of the Empire and self-preservation make this such a fantastic story. Definately worth reading. It has won the Aurealis Award and was shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2009. The book we have in the library is actually signed by the author!

Town by James Roy

University of Queensland PressWhat I like about this novel is that is is different. Each chapter is a short story about a young person in the town. The chapters follow the months of the year, from February to February – 13 stories for 13 people. What I like even better, is that within each chapter, you can see how their lives are intertwined, either fleetingly or with more purpose. The book explores all the emotions – love, hate, humour, grief, hope and hopelessness. Even if you don’t enjoy every story, there’s bound to be one that you like.

This book won the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards in 2008, and was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards the same year.