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Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright and David Leslie Johnson

Red Riding HoodThe town of Daggorhorn, deep within a forest, has been feeding a terrifying wolf every full moon with animal sacrifices. When a blood moon hangs over the forest, the townspeople are nervous. They haven’t seen the blood moon for many years. When the wolf brutally kills a young girl the town’s nerves are justified, but they have had enough and seek revenge. The main character, Valerie, is the sister of the girl who was murdered by the wolf. Struggling to come to terms with her sisters death, Valerie also has to deal with being betrothed to the blacksmith while having feelings for the woodcutter, and is pained to see her father drinking too much, and her mother’s grief. The town is turned on its head when it’s discovered the wolf is a werewolf that my be a member of their community by day.

This book will capture your attention from the very beginning. It is a bit like Twilight, with the love triangle, but set in a different era with different values. It is a murder-mystery book, and one that will keep you guessing.

RF 7/10

This book is also a major motion picture.