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The recruit by Robert Muchamore.






CHERUB BooksAfter loosing his mother, James is separated from his sister Lauren, and sent to Nebraska House (a home for boys). But little does he know, he is being kept under close surveillance by CHERUB, a British intelligence for kids. There he is offered a position, which involves 100 days of intense training and the completion of various tests. Will he be up to it, or will something stop him dead in his tracks?

This was a great novel and I recommend it to anybody who’s looking for a bit of action: especially teenagers. It is an excellent read and I was glued to it the whole way through. I rate it 10 out of 10. If you loved Storm breaker you’ll love this. I think I’ll even give the second one ago. My full praise to Robert Muchamore.


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The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Little Brown & CompanyThis is a very confronting story of a teenage girl named Susie Salmon. The first chapter is pivotal to the story and leaves the reader struggling with a range of emotions. The rest of the novel is narrated by Susie from heaven. The writer cleverly manages to show the range of behaviours and emotions that she and her family go through during their bereavement.

This a great book! I highly recommend it to all teenagers and adults. During our life on earth, we all experience the death of family and friends. I feel that reading this novel will help prepare us to handle this grief.

JT        9/10

Before I die by Jenny Downham

DefinitionsBefore I die by Jenny Downham.

Great book!  Kept on wishing there was a cure for Tessa’s cancer!  The novel outlines Tessa’s relationships and trials as she lives through her last years with leukaemia.  Her Dad and brother, her best girlfriend, and the new boyfriend all help her achieve the “things” she wants to do before she dies.  She is 16, and has a list.  Some of these things are sad, some are funny, and all the while her wonderful character makes you laugh, cry and agonise with her.  Tissues came in handy while reading this.

LD.  9/10. 

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